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  Golf Courses / Landscaping

GeoHay has many applications on a construction site, most specifically for sediment control.

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GeoHay can be used to filter out the debris and other pollutants in the stormwater.

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GeoHay has been used to reduce heavy metals and hydrocarbons found in the runoff from industrial sites.

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GeoHay pad has been used under landscape ground cover and as a golf course bunker liner.

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Our Mission Statement:

GeoHay is the clear advantage for water management. GeoHay products provide solutions for erosion and sediment control along with water filtration and diversion. Our products are made from recycled carpet and exceed the EPA’s regulations for storm water discharge and sediment control.  GeoHay products are versitile.  They are effective working exclusively or as a complement to an application where high performance is required.  Either way, GeoHay products make a positive impact on the environment.

Our Sustainable Story:

From the beginning, GeoHay products were developed and produced with sustainability in mind.  Our company utilizes sustainable practices through recycling and energy efficiency, but our sustainable story goes far beyond that. By utilizing our high performance products, you can be confident that the sediment and most of the small particulate will remain on the construction site. Our products are made from recycled carpet fibers, which allow the continued use of this pre and post consumer material that would otherwise be discarded in our landfills. Often GeoHay bales are able to be reused.  This is dependent upon the number of the rain events the products have experienced and the type of soil present. Finally, our sustainable focus will include an end-of-life plan for all our products.  We are excited about the possibilities before us and we are striving to make our products the premier choice for water management with sustainability in our industry.

Our Products:

GeoHay is adaptable to accommodate your slope, specification, and application.  Our 9” GeoHay is made in lengths from 4 to 20 feet in 2 foot increments.  12”, 15”, and 18” GeoHay is made in standard lengths of 3.75 feet, 7.5 feet, and 10 feet.  If your project or specification requires something outside of our standard diameters and lengths, we will be happy to make a custom product for you.

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